Why does Summit Health even exist??  Because you, your family, friends, and neighbors all need local health care. Our charitable mission is to care for those within the greater Franklin County region, regardless of one’s ability to pay.

Whether you’ve been in an automobile accident, are giving birth, need cancer treatments, have high blood pressure, or are experiencing a stroke or cardiac crisis … we’re here for you and you loved ones when you need us.

For over 120 years, people like you have made charitable gifts to Chambersburg Hospital and Waynesboro Hospital through their estate plans. That generosity enables us to meet your health care needs today.

Would you consider investing your charitable resources to provide outstanding care for future generations?

First, we encourage you to provide for your loved ones in your estate plan. Then we invite you to include your local hospital to strengthen the medical services they rely upon for their physical wellbeing. Make a legacy gift that best meets your financial needs today and changes lives well into the future.

Learn how the new Coronavirus Stimulus Package may affect your giving: The CARES Act